So we all know everyone has days where they just aren’t feeling it, or just had a bad day all around. I have those, for sure, but I always know how to pick myself up. I hate being in a bad mood all day, and having something ruin my day, when most of the time, it doesn’t matter.

I always like to take time to listen to music and kind of forget about what happened that day and remind myself that it’s probably not that bad, and that I am the only one that can make it better. I always do this on my way home from work, so that I don’t feel as tired when I get home. I just blast my music and sing as loud as I can, and get out any frustrations I have that way.

I never let one thing that happened get me down, I always pick my mood up and try to be as happy as I can. The reality is that I usually forget about it by the next day anyway, so not much can be that bad. If it is that bad, listening to music and figuring out how you can process that, is also a way to deal with big things that happen.

Music is a therapy like no other! So plug in your phone and blast your favorite songs and let it all out! Trust me, you will feel 100 times better!

Ms. Rachle