So I am pretty open about who I am as a person. I’m goofy, I like to sing, and I LOVE purple J. So this was a hard one to come up with, but I think I got it! I love Disney and everything about Disney!

Disney movies are my jam and if I could stay home and watch them all day I would! When I was little my mom took me to see Pocahontas, and I knew all of the songs before the movie even came out! I love most of the Disney movies and will watch them over and over again. My husband and I are working on building our BluRay collection of Disney movies. He also loves Disney, and we geek out together over Disney.

After we got married, we made sure that part of our honeymoon was part Disney, so we went to DisneyWorld. It was the best choice ever, and we had the most amazing time. We are excited to have kids of our own to pass our love of Disney onto, so we can geek out forever and always.

Ms. Rachle