Trying new things is for sure one of my favorite things to do! I was never like this before until I talked myself into trying a few new things, and now I can’t resist sometimes!

The one thing that I tried that really changed my perspectives on trying new things is sushi! Sushi always used to freak me out, because, well, it’s sushi. Then I went on a trip to Cancun and my dad made me try a bunch of different sushi, and I was like WHAAA?! I had no idea that I was missing out on so much! So from there on out I always like to try new things, and try not to talk myself out of things when I get scared.

We always have to try new things in order to build ourselves into different people. We can’t stay in the same place, we always have to grow. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things is the way to do that!