The summer is my favorite time of year! I love summer because, not only is my birthday in the summer, but I LOVE to be outside and soaking up the sun! Being outside and going on adventures are the best things to do! You don’t have to be stuck inside during the summer, and the weather, for the most part, is amazing. My family always takes our vacations during the summer so I always look forward to travelling and visiting the ocean!

The Ocean has to be the most amazing part of summer, for me. I love to just see the ocean, swim, and be in the fresh air. The ocean is my absolute favorite part because it grounds me as a person. It definitely helps me feel humble to know that there is this huge, amazing thing that holds so much, and I am just one person. The summer is my time to destress and relax, and seeing the ocean definitely helps me do this. It is a type of therapy for me. I could spend my whole vacation at the beach just watching the waves, then of course, jumping into them!

Enjoy the summer and soak up the sun anyway you can! It only comes once a year!!

~Ms. Rachle