We've got your back.

Sometimes having another adult and some extra support in your life can make a big difference. We all have choices to make, about today and about our future. And sometimes we have no idea what we’re doing. Life can be tough at times!

We’re all about focusing on the positive and helping you make better choices. Our Youth Specialist team is one of the best, and you can learn more about them here. And, if your school has an IGP Youth Specialist, it’s because one of your counselors or principals put a lot of extra time into helping us get there, so thank them!

How Does IGP Work?


A plan just for you. Our Youth Specialists work with you to figure out what steps to take to achieve your goals.


Adult support. We’ll be there to help you problem solve and make big decisions.


New skills. Ready to get help with communicating with friends, family, and teachers? Yeah, we got that.


Safe space. We insist on making sure that you have a safe, caring environment where your voice is heard.


Fun classes and events. If you’re interested, we offer you lots of fun with a great group of people.

Is IGP a Good Fit For You?


Are you ready to improve in a class at school?


Do you want new opportunities to get involved with?


Do you want to meet new friends?


Have you recently felt alone or confused?


Do you want to go to college and need help figuring out the steps?


Are you interested in making a difference at school or in your community?


Do you want help making big decisions?


Have you wondered how you can get along better with other people?


Do you attend school in Adams County?

If you’ve answered yes to two or more of these questions, then IGP is definitely a great fit for you.
Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.