I like to consider myself an open book. Nearly anything that nearly anyone wants to know about me, I am typically comfortable sharing. Because of this, it’s difficult for me to think of something about me that people don’t know. I could tell you that my favorite color is orange, but that is pretty boring. I could tell you that I’ve never been out of the country, excluding Canada, but that probably doesn’t interest anyone either. I guess something that not many people know about me is that I was the student body president of my high school. I was also the freshman, sophomore, and junior class president when I was those ages, respectively. I loved being a part of student council in high school, because it opened up so many opportunities to meet interesting people and do interesting things. I feel as though I was able to represent my school well, but as I get older, I often think of how I could have done more with the position to which I was elected. All the same, I am thankful for the opportunities I had to represent my school and my peers.