Did you know?

imgoingplaces.org is one of Community Reach Center’s community based programs!  This means that we take really great care of our student’s information, and we follow the policy of our agency.  Below you can see our policies.

Confidentiality & Privacy Notice

All services provided to you are confidential. It is Community Reach Center’s practice to not release information to any outside parties without the signed consent of the consumer (or parent/guardian).  State law makes certain exceptions to privacy regarding issues of suspected child abuse or neglect, adult (including spouse) abuse, or if threats of physical violence are involved.

Staff members are required to report knowledge of any of the above issues. Our goal is to provide you with privacy without disrupting your care. As a consumer, you should receive information upon demand about how information is protected. Please know that you, or your parent/guardian (if under 18), must sign a release form for Community Reach Center to share sensitive information. This release form will contain a statement that consent may be withdrawn at any time, as well as the date or condition upon which the consent will expire if it is not withdrawn.

  • The type(s) of information that will be disclosed (nature and extent)
  • Who has the authority to disclose information
  • To whom the information will be disclosed
  • For what purpose(s) the information is needed

There are certain special situations that may require the release of sensitive consumer information. These situations include medical emergencies, cases of abuse and neglect, court orders, and threats against others. The signature of a parent/guardian is required on the consent form unless state law authorizes treatment without parental consent. For consumers who are legally incompetent, a legal guardian must be appointed to make decisions concerning release of confidential information. In all other situations, information may only be released with the written consent of the consumer.


The Community Reach Center Notice of Privacy Practices describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this medical information. The Notice of Privacy Practices can be found on the Agency website and in all of our locations. You must acknowledge that you have received a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices at intake. If you have any questions about your privacy rights, please speak to your Care Coordinator or contact our Medical Records Department.
Your are entitled to receive one free copy of your medical record per year. There may be a cost associated with requesting your medical record beyond this annual request. Please contact the Medical Records Department at 303-853-3510 for more information.

Política de Privacidad

I’m Going Places es un programa de Reach Community Center y sigue la política de la agencia de privacidad. Comunidad llegar al centro es una organización privada , sin fines de lucro dedicada a la prestación de atención de salud mental y la calidad de los servicios integrados de salud física y mental .

Comunidad llegar al centro mantiene la información de sus clientes privados y confidenciales en plena conformidad con las leyes Ley de Responsabilidad ( HIPAA ) federal de Salud y portabilidad de seguro . Para obtener más información , por favor haga clic en la política de privacidad de HIPAA .

Si tiene alguna pregunta , por favor envíenos un email a yay@imgoingplaces.org o contacte a su especialista en jóvenes .