When getting ready for exams it’s hard to keep calm sometimes, I totally get it. I’m a stress case when I have to get ready for an exam and I think I don’t know anything! I came up with strategies in college that helped me get ready and stay calm for my exams!

First thing I’d start at least the week before (not the night before), I’d go over all my notes that are going to be on the test and highlight the big ideas. This helped me see what I should focus on, and not feel as overwhelmed with information. I’d go over this every night to be sure that I knew the information. I would sometimes rewrite all the ideas and make it all nice and pretty J.

Another thing that I would do, is I would quiz myself on the big ideas. I’d write down everything I knew about the idea and compare to my original notes to see if I missed anything. If I did, I’d do it until I didn’t miss anything important!

Last thing is I never crammed the night before! I would look over my notes and go over them for 10-15 minutes, then move on to something else. I would always make sure that I would get a good night’s sleep so that I was fresh and ready to kill my exam!

Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone, but it worked, most of the time, for me! The biggest thing to know is that if you don’t know it the night before, you probably don’t know it! So make sure you are studying more earlier and just going over information that you know the night before!

Don’t worry you can kill all your exams, just believe in yourself!

~Ms. Rachle