The absolute best part about summertime is being able to be outside doing absolutely anything! Living here in Colorado means that you can pretty much do anything you can possibly think of during the summer! There are so many trails to hike, mountains to climb, attractions to see, and activities to indulge in. But living here in Colorado also means that you only get 2 or so months to really enjoy that summer weather, so don’t let it pass you by!

These are a few of my favorite summer festivities!

  1. Fishing. Nothing beats a lawn chair, a shady tree, a cool breeze, and a fish fry!
  2. Golf. What’s summer without a little friendly competition? The courses are beautiful this time of year!
  3. Tennis. My brother and I picked this sport up a few years back, and it’s quite the workout!
  4. Hiking. Depending are where you are going this can either be really relaxing or a lot of hard work! Either way, it’s a great way to explore this beautiful state we live in.
  5. Volleyball. My family is big on summertime volleyball. Especially around the 4th of July! It’s not all fun and games though. We are playing for keeps!

It doesn’t really matter what you end up doing during the summer. Just don’t waste it by being inside all day!