When I think of my favorite Colorado place, many come to mind, but only one sticks out!

I LOVE going to Clear Creek River in Golden, Colorado. I mostly like going here during the summer, when you can get in, even though the water is still freezing. I like to swim and just be by the river and hang out. It’s fun to spend time with family there and make a whole day out of it. We love to bring the boogie boards and tubes and ride down the lake and ride the currents. The best thing about this place is that everyone is there just to have a good time and the atmosphere is fun.

Clear creek is good any time of year though. There was once we went in the middle of November, not to swim though! We went and walked up and down the river, and it was nice to just hear the river flowing and to be in a place where there is nature, but don’t have to travel too far for it! This by far, is my favorite place in Colorado, and I will always go back!