Make Healthy Choices

The success of young people depends on it.

We want young people to be successful in life, with their families, at school, and in the community. By collaborating together as community leaders from various sectors and backgrounds, our intention is to support, facilitate, and connect resources that ensure positive youth development for all adolescents and young adults in Adams County. We know that all youth benefit from coordinated assets and resources.

The IGP Advisory Board has been created by four-year grant funding from the Office of Behavioral Health’s SPF-PFS substance prevention grant. This award was allocated to Community Reach Center and provides funding through September 2019. One of the grant requirements outlined the development of a community coalition to advise the work of the SPF-PFS grant implementation in the county; in addition, we know that substance abuse and misuse does not exist in a vacuum. A youth coalition, Young Leaders Society, will launch in the future.

We are committed to:


Creating strong partnerships that connect resources to youth


Responding to youth needs, inclusive of protective and risk factors that impact youth success


Increasing protectives factors while decreasing risk factors that negatively impact the youth of our community


Embracing youth regardless of their culture, interests, sexual orientation, and personal identity


Advising the work of the SPF-PFS grant implementation in the County

Focus Areas


The ability to bounce back from and/or adapt to challenges and changes in a way that leads to positive social, emotional, health and academic outcomes.

Academic Success

The extent to which a student achieves educational potential and goals, and is career and/or postsecondary ready.

Community Engagement

Meaningful participation and sustained involvement in activities within the community setting, with a focus outside of self.

Academic Success

The extent to which a student achieves educational potential and goals, and is career and/or postsecondary ready.

Life Skills

Psychosocial and interpersonal skills that support informed decision making, effective communication, and developing the coping and self-management skills needed for a healthy and productive life.

Substance Abuse Refusal Skills

Ability to say “No” when friends, peers or significant adults want a young person to join in use of alcohol or marijuana, or abuse prescription drugs.


Long-term goals 2016-2019

I’m Going Places will increase the resiliency of young people and the collaboration of community resources in ways that reduce youth drug and alcohol use 5% by 2020.

The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provided grant monies through the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) to six counties, including Adams County. SAMHSA and OBH recognize that building emotional health through community based resiliency can prevent the onset of substance abuse; therefore, positive youth development approaches are encouraged. OBH requires strict adherence to the SAMSHA Strategic Prevention Framework model, this model include s assessment, capacity building, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Cultural competency and sustainability of impact are in the center of the model and important parts of each stage. In this four year grant cycle, Year 1 requires assessment, planning, and capacity building efforts. Years 2-4 are designated for implementation and evaluation.

Prevention Strategies

Community-Based Process

Enhance strategic partnerships and collaboration
Community-Based Processes Coordinate adult and youth community leaders to enhance community-based youth and family services, focusing on resiliency development, life skills acquisition, community engagement,  social connection, academic success, and refusal skills.

Prevention Education

Increase decision making confidence in youth and young adults
Provide strength-based, audience appropriate curricula that support critical thinking strategies, build decision confidence, increase substance abuse knowledge, facilitate peer support, and support resiliency development.

Alternative Activities

Expand positive youth development opportunities
Provide fun, engaging activities that are drug and alcohol free for youth and young adults and create opportunities for individual development, peer support, and caring adult relationships.

Environmental Strategies

Expand positive youth development opportunities
Analyze school based practices and policies and make recommendations to increase their effectiveness in preventing substance abuse. Implement social marketing campaign to influence social norms.

Information Dissemination

Increase both youth and adult knowledge and awareness
Ensure youth, families, and caring adults have useful and usable information regarding impacts and consequences of substance abuse.

Definitions of Success


Increase youth resiliency by 10% as self-reported on the IGP Profile in social connection + support, life skills, community engagement, and academic success.


Increase collaboration of community resources to meet the needs of Adams County families across sectors.


Reduce marijuana use by youth by 5%, as self-reported on the AC YI Student Survey for 30-day, three+ occurrences.


Reduce alcohol use by youth by 5%, as self-reported on the ACYI Student Survey for 30-day, three+ occurrences.


Reduce prescription drug use by youth by 5%, as self-reported on the ACYI Student Survey for 30-day, three+ occurrences.