Preparing for exams can be a pretty daunting task! I’d like to share with you some strategies that helped me prepare for the big test!

  1. Give Yourself Time
  2. I cannot stress this one enough. Cramming the night before the exam is not a successful way to study. More likely than not, you will not be able to remember everything you crammed into your brain last night. By giving yourself time to study you will actually retain info making it easier to recall when are taking the exam.
  3. Break Info Down into Parts
  4. Trying to learn everything about William Shakespeare is already hard enough. Don’t make it even harder by trying to learn EVERYTHING about ol William all at once! Break it down into categories and attack each category one at a time.
  5. Have Fun
  6. I know it is a little cliché but its proven to work! If you can associate that information with some fun activity, it’s more likely that you will retain that info! Also by associating that info with something fun you now have a “shortcut” in your brain, and remembering that fun thing you did can trigger the recall of info!
  7. Post Study Nap
  8. I live by this strategy! Scientific research says that during sleep is when the brain moves information from the short term memory, to the long term memory. By taking a nap or going to sleep right after you study, it is more likely that your brain will move that information you learned to long term memory!
  9. Relax
  10. Stressing yourself out before an exam is the worst thing you can do! I know it’s a little hard to expect to not be stressed out at all before a big exam, but you just have to keep reminding yourself that you know your stuff, you studied the right way, and you are going to crush it.

I hope this helps!

~Mr. Jarred