So my embarrassing moment came after I made a pretty bad decision. I was with a group of friends at the mall, and they were into stealing things. I decided to fit in, that I would steal too. Great idea, right?! Not. So of course after I stole, I obviously got caught. Uh-oh…

So they had to call my mom, because I was 12, and she had to come pick me up from the officers office at the mall. The way my mom is, is that she really likes to lecture when you do something wrong, which I of course hated. One of my friends lived across the street, so we gave her a ride home.

So that’s not all bad, right? Just had to go to court and what not. Wrong.

On that ride home from the mall, my mom yelled at me ALL THE WAY HOME, in front of my friend. That had to be the most embarrassing thing EVER. So moral of the story is don’t make bad decisions and your mom won’t yell at you all crazy in front of your friends J.